Nathalie Manser

Cello • Private lessons • Independent teacher, Conservatoire de l'Ouest Vaudois • Morges, Bussigny, Vufflens-la-Ville, Aigle, Ollon



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Nathalie Manser, virtuoso cellist and composer, has been immersed in the art of classical music from a very young age. After obtaining a 1st Prize of Virtuosity with Congratulations of the Jury and a Concert Licence at the Lausanne Conservatory in Philippe Mermoud's class, she perfected her technique in various orchestras in French-speaking Switzerland and participated in Master Classes in Germany.

For the past 25 years she has been teaching cello in various schools and conservatories in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

In 2010, inspired by the birth of her son Mahé, she created a Musical Creative Awakening Garden "Les Petites Oreilles dans les Etoiles". Her experience as a pedagogue and her overflowing imagination allow her to offer an innovative pedagogical opening of a "fairy-tale" type, encompassing her know-how, but also, her original approach as an artist off the "beaten track".

Her innovative pedagogical concept leads her to teach at the HEP in Sion, and in several private schools in the region. In addition, she has been hired to create and compose "tailor-made" shows in several schools.

In 2015, she wrote her first pedagogical book "Maman Clé de Sol" (Mother Key of Soil) for the Editions de la LEP, a work used to date in many schools.


In parallel to her teaching activity, and thanks to her in-depth knowledge of her instrument and her creative imagination, she has been composing since the age of 20 her personal and poetic compositions, stemming from the World Music/Pop trend.

She has produced 5 albums so far with world famous producers such as David Richards of the Mountain Studio in Montreux.

In 2005, Nathalie worked in London and created her 4th opus with world famous producer George De Angelis. Thanks to him, she is still perfecting her technique as a virtuoso concert performer, mixing more and more refined chords to her compositions and adding an accomplished Russian orchestra to them:

the Orpharion Orchestra.

In 2014, Nathalie will produce her 5th album with the Malakoff studio in Paris, a Franco-Swiss production, and the participation of a string quartet from the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra.

Her compositions have led her to perform regularly in Switzerland, France, Germany, Russia, Korea and Japan.

In 2002, she conceived a brand new concept of multi-sensorial show, made of a composition of perfumes and images around her music: "Un

Monde en Senteurs" is an olfactory and sensory journey that takes the audience into a world of emotions, mixing dreams and poetry.

To date, Nathalie is preparing her new show "La Légende Oubliée", a surreal and poetic journey with projected images from a visual artist.

Fantastic, Cyril Rolando. This "humanist" show for the general public also has an educational impact because it reminds us, through the musical and visual journeys it visits, of the universal wisdom essential to the development of human beings in their earthly quest.


Discography :

Les Anges (2001) Office record

Alpha Centauri (2004) Disk Office

Music & Perfume (2003) Special Edition

A Handbook for Human Beings Disque Office

A Page of Love (2014) Office Disk