Gimmemusic School

Classical violin, traditional, modern, other • Private lessons • Etoy: Les Ateliers de la Côte (LAC)



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Gimmemusic School does much more than just teach music. Its mission is to give you the desire to play, sing, compose, and perform on stage! Located in Etoy, in the district of Morges, Gimmemusic School brings together teaching, production and live professionals to give lessons to beginners as well as more advanced musicians.


Classical, traditional, modern violin

With our two violin teachers, you can practice and learn the violin in many musical genres: classical, Irish, Balkan, klezmer, gypsy jazz, oriental, and even pop.

According to our 360 method, your teacher will make you practice your instrument on the music of your choice, and accompany you in second voice. You will discover the techniques specific to each style and learn the art of improvisation.

All our classes take place in recording studios. Your teacher will record you at the appropriate time and you will have an audio track to practice at home. Twice a year, our school offers you the opportunity to perform on stage, in a professional auditorium.


Courses: individual | 30 / 45 / 60 min. | semester registration

Location: Les Ateliers de la Côte, rte de Pallatex 5, Etoy, 1st floor, no. 109/110

Secretariat: or 079 279 64 10


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