To ensure our full attention, please make an appointment. We are happy to offer you personal advice and invite you to try the instruments and bows of our collection.

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We offer:


Restored violins, violas, cellos for professional musicians and students.
Modern or bench copied violins, built by Jérémiah Petit.
Cellos and violas from Atelier SCHILBACH. Built in Germany or Italy at our request by fellow luthiers, they are varnished, finished and set-up at Atelier SCHILBACH.


A selection of old bows.
Bows of Vladimir Mouchin. We have the exclusivity of Mouchin bows in Switzerland. This Muscovite musician and bow maker produces sticks with a deep sonority and an unusual playing elegance.


Strings, rosins, chin rests, shoulder rests, violin cases, cello cases, etc. At your disposal, with the advice of Atelier Petit & Schilbach.