Rental Instruments

We offer ergonomical high quality instruments in our rental section to encourage the learner to reach a high level. We constantly have rental instruments that match all ages and levels.


 20 years of experience with quality instruments allows us to provide you with violins and cellos whose selection and set-up meet the highest demands.

We offer two rental categories:

  • Classique, offers quality instruments which are easily played.
  • Classique plus, guarantees you instruments with an impoved tone to keep the student captivated and challenged, with a special suitability for the ensemble performance.

Classique plus

Violon 1/8

 Violon 1/4

 Violon 1/2

 Violon 3/4

Viloloncelle 1/8

Viloloncelle 1/4

Viloloncelle 1/2

Viloloncelle 3/4  

 Archet pernambouc d´origine allemande  

 Instrument d´origine allemande  

 Consulation individuelle pour le choix de l'instrument

Garantie d' entretien durant le contrat

Possibilité de couverture de dégâts