High level restorations are performed at the Atelier, as well as current troubleshooting.


Preservation and enhancement of the original material.

  • Restoration of the original varnish.
  • Substitution of worm damaged parts.
  • Crack repairs (table and back soundpost cracks included).

Analysis and restitution of the original state to improve the sound.

  • Correction of the arching.
  • Raising the ribs.
  • Reconstitution of the original thicknesses of the tables.

Instrument conditioning for current challenges.

  • New bass bar.
  • New set-up.

Replacements of previous repairs for reasons of reliability, sound and aesthetics.


  • Antonio Stradivari, violin, Cremona, circa 1690
  • Matteo Gofriller, violin, Venice, 1723
  • Domenico Montagnana,violin, Venice, before 1730
  • Violin attributed to del Gesú
  • Mantegazza,violin, Milano, late eighteenth century
  • Nicola Gagliano, violin, Naples, between 1740 and 1780
  • Cello from the early eighteenth century, Italy
  • Francesco Ruggeri, violin, Cremona, 1697