The Gagliano Project

From the aesthetic examination towards the search for a specific tonal characteristic.

By bringing together observation, analysis and study of the working methods, Jérémiah Petit realized the first step of the "Gagliano Project": The creation of a violin bearing the aesthetic mark of the "Gagliano" school, and more specifically of Nicola Gagliano (active ca 1730-1787).

Working with musicians, we analyzed the sound characteristics of the original and the creation of Jeremiah Petit: the beauty and richness of the E string, bass with many acute harmonies. On these aspects, the two violins meet intimately.Many of the instruments of the Italian classical period are characterized by an exceptional projection, and this Neapolitan violin of the 1740s is no exception. It produces such a sound density that after a few minutes of play you feel "like in a bubble".
And it is in order to approach this quality that the "Gagliano Project" continues: rich of the knowledge acquired during the construction of the first violin, Jeremiah develops a second instrument.More unique in his artistic interpretation, but still aesthetically very close to the original, the emphasis is on the desire to optimize his playing skills to make it the indispensable instrument for your solo career. It is with the aim of achieving this quality that the "Gagliano Project" exists. It is built on the exchange between the creator and the musician. We invite you to this reflection and are curious about your judgment.

We are proud to offer you this instrument, TGP # 2, for testing in our workshop in the heart of the city of Morges.